Support Our Bands

As a taxpayer in Ohio, and especially Mahoning County, you know very well that our schools are under-funded.  Though the Canfield Board(s) of Education over the years have been good stewards of our tax dollars, there simply is not enough for everything that goes on in the schools.

Our band and instrumental music programs are no exception.  They rely on organizations like the Canfield Band Parents and others to raise and contribute money to support the many programs and activities that are currently offered.  This is exactly why the Canfield Band Parents, Inc. was formed.

There are several “categories” of needs within our school band and music program.  The Canfield Band Parents, Inc. tries to fill those needs whenever possible.  We are always seeking donations to our programs in order to help them evolve and grow instead of shrinking.

While we have typically directed donations into our general fund, some like to give to a particular fund or cause based on their personal interests.  This is why we are highlighting these “catagories” for dedicated giving.

The main categories of donations are:

  • CBP general fund
  • New or used instruments and instrument repair
  • The new uniform fund
  • The purchase of a new or newer instrument and equipment truck


The number of day to day things that the CBP supports for our kids and our band programs are too numerous to list here.  From hot chocolate and bottled water for the kids at games, to meals for far-away trips, to sheet music, equipment purchases, student awards, the list goes on and on.

Our general fund is very important and is largely supported by our concession stands, Band Night and Spirit Wear revenues.  However, the need is always greater than the supply.


As more Canfield children progress through the school system and want to play instruments, we need to have ample numbers of instruments available for them to play.  Right now we are at a deficit.  We cannot always count on parents being able to buy their children instruments, and we are grateful for those who can and do.

The band directors have a very detailed list of instrument needs – not wants.  They are always in touch with the new and used instrument marketplace looking for the best deals possible for our programs.

The current school instruments do get used frequently and do require routine maintenance.  Much of this must be shipped out to professionals, and again this costs money.


The current uniforms were purchased in 2013.  A percentage of certain CBP, Inc. fundraisers is allocated towards the new uniform fund each year.


The current Board of Education vehicle we use is not and was not made for carrying delicate instruments and equipment around. The bands share the vehicle with the other schools and their various needs that include hauling heavy and bulky items. The Band Dads do their best to get everything to fit (it currently does not – we use a dad’s truck to haul the excess to every game and event) and to protect the valuable instruments.

We are currently looking for a well maintained used 24-27 truck that does not require a CDL.  We would purchase it and arrange for the school to use it.  A newer larger truck would allow us to build proper instrument storage racks on the inside for each instrument we carry.  It would be much safer for the instruments and mush safer for the driver as they would not worry about the load shifting about.   Lastly, it would be a rolling billboard promoting our great bands.

If you are interested in giving a gift to the truck fund, please email Bob Ward.